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Bus spare parts

Specific general trading make a partnership with Dinet an Italian manufacturer as its own distributor in UAE. Dinet is an indipendent Italian company. Dinet develops and manufactures alternative spare parts for Voith and ZF automatic transmissions of buses and motocoaches and sells its parts in the Aftermarket.

Since the late 90s, Dinet has presented itself as an alternative to the manufacturers Voith and ZF, bringing competition in markets effectively held by the above German companies.

Our initiative, our professionalism and our reliability have allowed us to win customers’trust, both in Italy, where the main public transport companies have been using Dinet spare parts for more than 15 years, and in over 50 countries worldwide.

The focus on our products’ quality and on our customers’ needs are fundamental values to us and make Dinet a reliable partner.


Dinet gives the maximum attention to the development and the production process of its spare parts,

in order to achieve a robust quality level and to keep its quality constant over time.

  • Full interchangeability with the original parts
  • Comparable performance and durability
  • Robust quality over time
  • Immediate availability ex-stock
  • Competitive prices if compared to the prices of the original parts

Spare parts for Voith gearboxes

Dinet manufactures spare parts for the following types of Voith automatic transmissions:

  • DIWA.2
  • DIWA.3E
  • DIWA.3E
  • DIWA5


  • 851
  • 851.3
  • 854
  • 854.3
  • 863
  • 864
  • 851.2
  • 851.3E
  • 854.2
  • 854.3E
  • 863.3
  • 864.3
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